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Hello, my name is Kelly, and I want to welcome you to my blog. I absolutely love to cook. I typically focus on making things from scratch, but I love making my job easier with the right appliances. If you want recipes, ideas, buying guides and more on kitchen appliances, this blog is designed for you. In this space, I plan to give you the tips I have gathered over the years. I am going to focus on everything from stand mixers to dishwashers to ovens. Please, pull up a chair and start reading. I hope you get inspired from my experiences and ideas!

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Three Things You Need for a Home-Based Appliance Repair Business

Like many people, you may have dabbled in minor appliance repairs over the years. This may have started when you repaired a broken belt in your washing machine or dryer and saved yourself a new purchase, or maybe you once fixed your HVAC system in an emergency. These successes may have led you to doing more repairs for other people and finally moved you towards the idea of having your own home-based appliance repair business. Now it's time to put your repair shop together. You have the shed or shop and basic tools, but you may be missing these three key pieces of equipment that will you need to function in your new repair shop and business.

Work Light

One of the key pieces of equipment that you may overlook for your home repair business is a work light or several of them. Your first thought may be to get a hanging light that can be moved easily to where you need it and into tight spaces. Though this is an ideal option, it shouldn't be your only one. Another light you should consider is a 10w rechargeable, portable, LED work light.

These lights have several benefits. They have no cords to trip over, and they allow you to easily move them when your hanging light just isn't doing the job. In addition to those two benefits, the fact that the light is rechargeable means that means you don't have to buy batteries all the time. You can just recharge the unit at the end of the work session or day. If you purchase multiple lights, then you can switch them out and use one while another recharges.

Part Cart

You likely already know that you need a tool kit or tool cart, but a part cart may be overlooked. Part carts have several drawers that allow you to store extra parts and pieces from springs to filters. This is ideal if you plan on working on washing machines or other appliances that use the same generic parts. You can buy the parts and wholesale and store them for common repairs and issues you have. The cart is also portable and can be stored just like your tool cart, out of the way or against a wall until you need it.

Drying Station

One of the most commonly looked over pieces of equipment is a drying station. You may not think about it until you hit that repair that needs a part glued or replaced and drying time is required. This could leave you with having to place the part or repaired appliance in an emergency location rather than an area designed for it. Look for drying stations that are tables with covers to keep debris or other items off the appliance while it dries.

These are only three of the options you should consider. With these three options combined with your current workshop, tools and knowledge, you could excel with your home-appliance repair business and see it flourish.