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Hello, my name is Kelly, and I want to welcome you to my blog. I absolutely love to cook. I typically focus on making things from scratch, but I love making my job easier with the right appliances. If you want recipes, ideas, buying guides and more on kitchen appliances, this blog is designed for you. In this space, I plan to give you the tips I have gathered over the years. I am going to focus on everything from stand mixers to dishwashers to ovens. Please, pull up a chair and start reading. I hope you get inspired from my experiences and ideas!

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How to Buy a Washing Machine for a Short-Term Rental Property

Even tenants who are renting a home for a few days or weeks now expect to enjoy the convenience of washing machines on a property; the days when people were happy to find a local laundry service are long gone. This means that you should really have a washing machine installed in your short-term property, but what kind of machine should you go for?

Pay Extra for Energy Efficiency  

If you're going to be renting to tenants on a short-term basis, you're going to be needing to pick up the tab for their utility bills by yourself. Unfortunately, not many short-term tenants are going to be particularly worried about saving water and energy in order to reduce your monthly costs. Most will have extra washing to do on holiday due to the variety of activities, and anybody who has been travelling for a while will probably take the opportunity to get all of their washing done at once, even if they're only staying for a day or two.

The take-home message is that it's often going to be well worth paying a little bit extra for an energy-efficient washing machine. You don't need to buy the most high end machine, but spending extra for added efficiency is quickly going to pay for itself.

Go for a Front Loader

One of the most important decisions you'll need to make when buying a washing machine is whether you want one that loads from the top or one that loads from the front. If you're going to be renting to short-term tenants, a front loader will probably be for the best.

To start with, front loaders are smaller, so they take up less room and make a space look bigger in photos. You can even stack a dryer on top to save further space. Front loaders are also more efficient since they require less water during each cycle.

Resist Choosing a Washer-Dryer

In most parts of Australia, particularly those favoured by holiday-makers, the weather is hot enough to ensure that a dryer isn't really necessary, but you might be tempted to get one anyway. That's fine, but don't be tempted into buying a washer-dryer.

These are fine for your own property, but they are more likely to suffer problems than a separate washer and dryer. If this happens, you'll have the added bother of getting a repair person over as soon as possible, probably while your tenant's clothes are stuck inside the machine. This can lead to some poor online reviews, and it's very inconvenient to have to deal with such a problem with little notice.