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Hello, my name is Kelly, and I want to welcome you to my blog. I absolutely love to cook. I typically focus on making things from scratch, but I love making my job easier with the right appliances. If you want recipes, ideas, buying guides and more on kitchen appliances, this blog is designed for you. In this space, I plan to give you the tips I have gathered over the years. I am going to focus on everything from stand mixers to dishwashers to ovens. Please, pull up a chair and start reading. I hope you get inspired from my experiences and ideas!

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3 compelling reasons to install an air cleaner in your house

Human beings take countless breaths each day; therefore, it's very important to make sure the air you inhale is clean and doesn't contain any pollutants. When the term air pollution is mentioned, people tend to think of car exhaust smoke and factory emissions. However, many people overlook the fact that they can also be exposed to a lot of air pollution right inside their own houses. Things like mould spores, pet dander, dust mites, pollen and other forms of bacteria are present in the air. By installing an air cleaner in your house, you can greatly improve the quality of air inside your home, creating a healthier and more relaxing indoor environment.

What is an air cleaner?

An air cleaner, also known as an air purifier, is made up of a set of fibres that capture and eliminate harmful particles from the indoor air as it traverses through the cleaner. 

Why should you install an air cleaner in your home?

Health advantages

Exposure to harmful air quality inside your house can lead to several health complications including:

  • Headaches
  • Nose, eye and throat irritation
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Serious asthma symptoms
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Irritated allergies

The majority of respiratory complications are a result of air pollution. Basically, air cleaners will remove almost all of the harmful airborne allergens, dust and debris in your home. Consequently, you'll be able to breathe air that's free of impurities which counts as a tremendous benefit for your family in terms of health.

Maintain cleanliness

Do you always notice a fine layer of dirt build-up on almost all surfaces in your home, and regardless of how much cleaning you do, you seem unable to get rid of it? This dirt may be caused several things. Pet dander, for instance, is a great contributor to this accumulation of dust and dirt. Besides pet dander, humans also shed pounds of skin which adds to new dust. Installing an air purifier serves to eliminate all the built-up dust around your home, keeping your home a lot cleaner.

Prolong the service life of your HVAC

Dust and debris build-up inside your home exerts more stress on your HVAC system, causing it to run less effectively and to become dilapidated faster. In effect, dust build-up will lead to costly repairs on your HVAC system and in a worst possible scenario call for complete replacement. An air cleaner can help you eliminate all the dust and debris circulating in your home and around your HVAC system. As a result, less stress is exerted on your HVAC system which prolongs its service life.

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