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A Clawfoot Bathtub For Your Spa-Like Bathroom

If you want to create a spa in your own home, why not install some luxury bathroom appliances to make this a reality? One option is a beautiful clawfoot bathtub. While this style originated around a hundred years, its popularity is booming today.

The Versatility Of A Clawfoot Tub

One advantage of this bath style is the versatility and freedom it offers. A freestanding tub can stand anywhere within the room. Plumbing just needs alterations to allow for that position. In fact, the contoured forms of these baths mean they make beautiful centrepieces. You can position it diagonally within the room or aligned with a wall but some distance away. Alternatively, you can stay with a more traditional placement against a wall. Because clawfoot baths stand on raised legs and their sides curve softly inwards, they tend to create a spacious, open feeling in a bathroom. This is exactly the effect you want for a luxurious spa-like environment. 

Different Styles 

Once you start looking, you will notice that not all clawfoot baths are the same. They are available in a variety of styles. Classic roll-top or flat-rim tubs are very simply shaped with the top evenly rolled over to produce a broad, flat rim. One end softly curves while the tap-end sides sit straighter. On a double-ended version, both ends show rounded contours and the taps are at the centre, making bathing more comfortable for two people. Slipper tubs, another style, have one elevated and contoured end for a more relaxing soak. A double-slipper tub has both ends raised and moulded.

Enamelled Cast-Iron Or Acrylic Tubs

Traditionally, enamelled cast iron provided the basic material for clawfoot tubs. Today, though, acrylic and other materials are more common. As a tub material, though, enamelled cast iron is ideal, being sturdy and durable. The enamelling creates a porcelain finish, but they don't tend to crack as solid porcelain is wont to. One possible problem is the heaviness of cast iron; you will need to make sure the bathroom flooring is strong enough to support its weight. Also, the porcelain coating can chip, though you can usually recoat the surface in any case. Another possible issue is that this material can feel relatively cold, but once filled with hot water, that shouldn't be a problem. 

A popular alternate construction material is acrylic. These tubs are much lighter than their cast-iron counterparts and easier to move. Also, superficial scratches conveniently disappear with some buffing. Acrylic baths can feel warmer as well. Other materials on the market today create excellent versions of clawfeet styles as well.

Learn more about clawfoot tubs and other bathroom appliances from a local supplier.